Level 100: Bioforge Plus (English Version)

Some time ago I set out to find out as much as I can about the fate of „BIOFORGE PLUS“ – the official add-on to the 1995 Origin Systems‘ action title „BIOFORGE“ which, after a short and quite chaotic development cycle, was unfortunately never released. Two years and one quite convoluted information scavenger hunt later I’m immensely proud to present to you the most comprehensive analysis of „BIOFORGE PLUS“. Which rightfully earned itself the honour to being the 100th main episode of „Game Not Over“. And which also is the very first episode here that I’ve double-recorded in German as well as in English in order for our non-German speaking friends all over the world to join the cool kids club and be in the know about this very obscure piece of video game history as well.

Commence enjoyment!

Heartfelt thanks to Bill Armintrout, Bruce Lemons, Jack Herman, Eric Hyman, Billy Joe Cain, Jeff Morris, Artie Rogers, Brendan Segraves, Joe Garrity, Jörg Neumann, Paul Barnett, Richard Garriott, Starr Long and Ken Demarest for answering my many questions.

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